Boot Camp For Children


Boot Camp for Children isn’t just for Montel Williams talk show anymore. There is increased popularity in these boot camps for children that are troubled. A lot of the ones you seen on Montel Williams and other daytime talk shows aren’t actually how they work though. It might at first to break down that initial barrier that the children come in with but after that they give these children structure. Structure that in most cases are left out in their home life. If you ever noticed those shows being real or dramatized it always showed the same thing. It shows a crying mom with a crazy acting boy or girl, and no dad. 85% of the time there is never a dad in the picture to give out that discipline that their mom could never bring.

That discipline that brought the fear of god in you when you were a kid. The discipline that crossed your mind before you did anything that would bring it upon you. The kids of today don’t have that, they go through doing whatever they want with no repercussions. Really, if you want your kid to be especially discipline, they should have TWO dads. Anyway back to the boot camp for children.

Bootcamp for children- Getting certified instructionsThese boot camps, like the many New England and Massachusetts camps that are currently available, instill responsibility into the kids that go to them. They show the children that they are somebody and that they can do anything. They also show the children how to act in public and that acting the way they were really isn’t as popular or cool as they thought it was. But most important it instilled a thought of worth in the child, showing them that they are worth something and don’t have to do bad things to get attention.

With all this said you have to make sure that you are enrolling them in a place that will do more good then bad. There are some out there that actually make things worse and believe that the shouting and belittleing them are the ways to get to them. Sometimes even worse, there are counts that institutions that are supposed to help your children often hurt them to make them submit. Using shock therapy and other inhumane ways to break children. There are many websites that talk about these places. For whatever reason they are still around. Here is a site that explains what is going on to help clarify the difference between these places and places that actually help your child.

Pushups at Bootcamp for childrenHonestly, these boot camps are not a great idea unless you can’t instill a sense of discipline into a kid. Most of the time it is just a bunch of hardasses claiming they can get your kid into shape, when in reality they are either going to break them or cause them to rebel even further, which, either way will ultimately do them more harm than good. Kids need discipline from an early age, and this discipline needs to come from the parents – or whoever is keeping an eye on them – and really, it comes from an ability to set guidelines and rules, rather than out of fear of physical repercussions. A lot of the ability to discipline your kid depends on how old they are. If they are relatively young, then you can still discipline them yourself. They aren’t too big for them to be a physical danger to you, and you are still the authority figure. As kids get older, they need to be able to get out of a hierarchical structure, but at a younger age, there needs to be a clear situation where someone is in authority. It’s like training a really difficult dog.

All kidding aside, the shows that have boot camps for children are generally done for the spectacle rather than the benefit. And there’s no denying that the kids will be better behaved afterwards. But it’s pretty simple to find a better way to get kids on the right track, and that is to find what it is they like to do and channel their energy into that. Get them into a sport, or have them pick up a musical instrument. Destructive energy can be channeled into pretty much anything, and it’s a better idea to channel it than to break it.

Seriously, try that instead. If you want to be on a trashy daytime TV talk show, you can do a boot camp for children, but really, I can’t see any situation in which it is the right choice unless you think your kid will either end up in a gang or dead. In which case, this may be a preferable option. But I’d try other things first, before you have to threaten them with boot camp or jail. Just make the right decision and tell your kids that if they keep it up there may be nothing you can do to help them. There are come courts that will send them to places like this to “help” them.